Our Story

We set out to create pickleball paddles that match the spirit of the game we have come to love, simply put: social, energetic, carefree and FUN. There is something so exciting about getting new sports gear, and we wanted to take that experience to the next level. You’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when you receive your paddle on your doorstep! 

Our name, Let Live, reflects our core philosophy. It's a reminder to live life on your own terms, embrace differences and experience the joy that comes from being in community. Life can be demanding, but we believe in the power of leisure to restore balance and ignite your passions.

Let Live paddles may look like works of art, but they are performance paddles. Opting for top notch materials and finishes, our paddles enable you to play your best whether it's your first day on the court or you're a seasoned pickleballer. Let Live paddles feature Toray Carbon Fiber for greater control and shot precision and a granular paint finish with a grit-like texture to enhance spin. 

All of Let Live’s personality comes from the incredible illustrations from our featured artist, Lively Scout.  Inspired by nature but with a bold, retro twist, the designs on Let Live pickleball paddles will guarantee you stand out on the court. 

Our hope is that these paddles encourage you to get active, build community, and have fun!


    At the core of the brand is love, acceptance, and community. Before pickleball, before art, before we start playing, our values must be established and honored. Our sport is an avenue to bring people together, but if it’s not bringing people together, the sport is meaningless.


    We believe in the power of movement. That an active lifestyle can be joyful if it’s shared with people you love. Movement is a powerful piece of a vibrant, full life, and we encourage it through great products that support and inspire.


    For us, the key to an active, full life is play. Movement for the sake of movement can easily turn into a chore, but a game shared with a community becomes joyful playtime. For us that game is pickleball, which we share and encourage with paddles that celebrate the game and look beautiful.